Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What essentials should be in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

The last minute plans have been checked and double checked, but there are always unforeseen hiccoughs that can happen on the day of the wedding.  Having a Wedding Day Emergency kit means that no matter what may happen there will be a way to fit it.  Now we don’t expect you to have a rucksack on your back all day, nor should your Chief Bridesmaid be carrying a sack as a handbag.  Do prepare a Wedding Day Emergency Kit and leave it with a trusted family member.

So what should be in your emergency kit?  Some things like tissues, lipstick and plasters may be obvious but there will be other items that you would not have thought of.  We have prepared a mammoth Wedding Day Emergency Kit list for you.  Of course, you probably won’t need or use all of this list, so you can pick and choose what would be best for you according to the type of your wedding.

Wedding Planners may also find this list useful and can make a few additions to their existing wedding day emergency kit.

Contact Phone Numbers

Suppliers – Groom – Bride – Chief Bridesmaid – Registrar – Church – Transport – Both sets of parents


Plasters – Ibuprofen/Paracetamol – Sting relief – Eye drops/contact lens solution – Condoms – Tampons/Panty Liners – Deodorant – Mints – Breath Freshener – Rescue Remedy – Sun cream – Tissues – Dental Floss


Lipstick – Face powder – Perfume – Nail varnish clear – Nail varnish colour – Nail file – Hirspray – Kirby grips – Comb/Brush – Baby Wipes – Moisterising lotion – Baby powder

Bridal Wear Accessories

Tights/stockings – White chalk (to cover marks) – Feet gel pads – Knickers – Weddington boots – Cufflinks – Earrings – Sewing Kit – Clothes brush – Nappy pins – Tit tape – double sided tape


Matches/lighter – Spare rings – Steam iron – Blue Tak – Pens/Pencils – Bottled water – Duct tape – Scissors – Chocolate – Children’s cutlery – Florists gum – Drinking straws